Treasure Quest

Treasure Quest

Unleash the detective in you. Mike Davis Event'sTreasure Hunts are for all those frustrated Poirots and Marples. We’ll get your investigative skills boiling over as you speed your way through a set of clues to unearth your prize. From Apprentice Style to Code Breakers, we are well-versed in creating tailor-made hunts to suit your needs.

How it works

There are cryptic clues and riddles to solve along the way and participants may meet characters (optional) who will assist and ask them to collect various ‘treasure’ articles and complete photo challenges (optional). Teams are scored upon correct answers to the trail questions, number of treasure articles acquired and the time it takes to complete the trail.

Our treasure hunts are completely flexible so they can be incorporated fully into your team building requirements. For example we can add assessors who will join the team to motivate each group and log group dynamics as required.

We’ll plan the hunt including venue and refreshments. Any kind of transport can be used on the hunt – bicycles, cars, buses, even helicopters (if your budget will stretch to it). Just turn up and our event manager will brief the teams, supply all materials, keep score and deliver prizes and results. You may discover investigative skills you never knew you had.

What’s included?

Free venue finding service; A minimum of two event co-ordinators; Energising refreshments, Treasure Hunt Backpack including containing items essential for the hunt.


Treasure Quests are fully mobile and can be themed around particular cities or attractions. Once an ideal location has been found, we will create the treasure hunt based on that specific location.


Team Building; problem solving/adaptability exercise; group bonding