The Potter's Wheel

Potter's WheelFancy having a go at throwing your own pot? Enhance communication and have a fun shared experience with this fully inclusive event. The Potter’s Wheel gives you and guests an opportunity to make your very own earthenware ceramic models. And when you finish your masterpiece, it’ll be glazed, fired and ready for pride of place on your mantelpiece or office desk.

How it works

Our instructor will turn up with all the materials and resources needed for the session and, of course, a suitably sized floor covering. You get started with your designs whilst the instructor gives tips and suggestions and helps you create your beautiful ceramic masterpiece. Do something entirely different from your day job and be amazed at the results. And what could be more entertaining than watching your colleagues wrestle with a lump of mud spinning at great speed!

For groups of 30 or more, it is impossible for everyone to create an individual work of art, so the onus is on the creation of a collaborative piece, with participants working in small groups. There’s no experience or art skills necessary and it’s worth remembering that there is no such thing as a clay mistake; just a happy and creative accident! We’re not promising you’ll be the next Clarice Cliff…but you never know!

What’s included?

Professional Potter; Basic Instruction, All Equipment and Floor Coverings.


This event is fully mobile. Allow us to find the perfect venue with our free Venue Finding Service, or else we’ll bring The Potter’s Wheel to your venue of choice.


Team Building, team bonding.