The Big Bang

The Big Bang

Time is ticking and it’s your assignment to diffuse a deadly bomb. Locked inside a safe are clues to defuse the bomb, but you will first have to work through a series of challenges to discover the combination to unlock the safe. Ideal as an icebreaker, energiser and team event.

How it works

Diffuse an unexploded bomb using a series of clues with a common thread. The idea is to find the common thread and gain the necessary instructions to successfully diffuse the bomb. Good communication, clarity of thought and manual dexterity are a must as teams work together towards a common purpose.

The Big Bang is normally booked as part of a Multi-Active Day such as The Matrix, or an especially themed Military Event such as Boot Camp.

What’s included?

Event Co-ordinator, Event staff/Instructors, All equipment


This event is fully mobile. Allow us to find the perfect venue with our free Venue Finding Service, or else we’ll bring The Big Bang to your venue of choice.


Team Building

Mike Davis Events Extras

Combine with other cerebral activities to create The Matrix, or pick and mix from a choice of motorised and shooting activities to create a Multi Active Day.