Sweet Sensations

Sweet Sensations

Participants are challenged to combine marketing and team skills with the best ingredients to make confectionary good enough to sell. Or else we’ll bring in an expert Chocolatier to show you how it’s done. Either way, the final product is sweet!

How it works

First the Master Chocolatier gives each team an introduction to the finer art of chocolate making, before challenging each team to create a sellable box of chocolates. Sweet Sensations can be, simply, a fun opportunity to fancy yourself as a Chocolatier or it can be run as a challenge combining marketing, creativity and team working skills. When run as the latter, a Behavioural Consultant can observe teams in action and feedback on team roles at the end of the event.

Sweet Sensations is not a physically demanding event, and is run indoors – something to consider in these colder months.

What’s included?

Master Chocolatier, All necessary raw ingredients, equipment (pans, icing bags, etc)


This event is fully mobile. Allow us to find the perfect venue with our free Venue Finding Service, or else we’ll bring Sweet sensations to your venue of choice.


Team Building: team bonding; communication

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