Olympic Rings

Olympic Rings

You must first understand how each person affects the task. It’s about balance, synergy, coordination and teamwork. Participants must reposition themselves outside of the ring whilst keeping a ball balanced on a disc. Sound simple? It’s anything but.

How it works

The whole team needs to be transported through a small space. Mistakes will be made, but they must be learnt from. Olympic Rings ticks the following boxes: communication, problem solving, quick thinking and team work. Although often booked as part of The Matrix or Multi Active, Olympic Rings can be added onto most outdoor or indoor events.

What’s included?

All equipment, Event Co-ordinator


We can host this activity on our grounds in the Midlands, or else find the perfect location for you. This activity is fully mobile.


Team Building: problem solving, decision making, communication exercise, Icebreaker

Mike Davis Events Extras

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