Mission Impossible

Mission Impossible

Armed with nothing and owning just a blindfold, you must trust your teammate to carefully guide you through a complex web of trip wires rigged with detonators. A very possible mission if communication and listening skills are effectively employed.

How it works

A series of strategically placed trip wires are set up for a member of your team to navigate. One person will be blindfolded and the rest of the team needs to guide that person through the maze without setting off the detonators. Each ‘tripped’ wire equals points lost. Each team member gets a chance to be blindfolded, and so each feels what it’s like to completely trust others to guide them in the right way.

It might sound simple, but the challenge can be quite physical as the wires are set at different heights.  Mission Impossible is normally a challenge included in Boot Camp or The Matrix, but is really flexible and can be added to any Team Building event.

What’s included?

Instructor, all necessary equipment


We can host this event on our grounds in the Midlands, or else find the perfect location for you. This event is fully mobile.


Team Building

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