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With over 50 tasks to choose from: outdoor and indoor, physical and cerebral, (and some just downright ridiculous), there’ll be something to suit each team member’s ability.  There’s little time to consider who’s a ‘Leader’ or ‘Completer Finisher’; Block It is about the team working smart, with individuals being bold enough to volunteer for any given tasks.

How it works

Participants are divided into equal teams and briefed by the Event Manager, who also doubles up as an Adjudicator.  There’s little time to consider who’s a ‘Leader’ or ‘Completer Finisher’; Block It is about the team working smart with individuals being bold enough to put themselves forward for any given task.  Here, the strength of the team is only as good as each individual. There will be some tasks you must do, and some you can choose. Some teams play a strategy, some just launch into the next task and aim to complete as many as possible in the given time (between 1.5 – 2.5 hours).  And as is fitting, at the end of the challenge, the winning team will be awarded medals and a prize.

Block It is regularly used as a Team Building event in its own right, with a hearty and well-deserved lunch following, or as an Energizer or Icebreaker. It is our pleasure to fit it into your day, whatever that day looks like

What’s included?

Event Manager, additional supervisors and instructors.


This event is fully mobile. Allow us to find the perfect venue with our free Venue Finding Service, or else we’ll bring Block It to your venue of choice. Note that some challenges require suitable outside space.


Team Building, Energiser, Icebreaker.

Mike Davis Events Extras

Lunch, Fancy Dress, Professional Photographer, Videographer