Beat It

Beat It

Drumming is synonymous with team building. This is a fantastic team building event used as an Energiser, Icebreaker or as a powerful way to open or close a conference, or even to inject some energy in the middle of a conference day, when it is normal for attention to wane.

How it works

All participants are given a drum or percussion piece and by the end of the event, all will have come together towards a common goal.

First barriers are broken down. With drumming, there’s no need for language and if there are language or communication barriers, the drum eliminates them all. Second, each person is aligned to a common theme with one important bass note. Third, individual roles are ascertained as each learns their particular part. Respect and communication is essential here, as each person’s role is anticipated and recognised by all. Finally, the skills that have been learned so far create a final explosive and all inclusive musical piece. Some may take the lead, but good leaders know when to play and not to play.

What’s included?

Professional Drumming Instructor, Drums and percussion pieces


This event is fully mobile. Allow us to find the perfect venue with our free Venue Finding Service, or else we’ll bring Beat It to your venue of choice.


Team Building: team bonding; Energiser, Icebreaker

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Professional Videographer