Apollo 14

Apollo 14

If you fancy launching a rocket into outer space, then Apollo 14 is the closest you’ll get! A hugely popular team building activity, Apollo 14 is challenging, competitive, fun, and stretches communication and team skills. The event ends with all teams coming together for the finale – the rocket launch.

How it works

This is a half-day or full day event made up of a series of physical and cerebral challenges followed by a team construction task as its finale.  Groups are divided into teams, with the objective being to build a fully functioning rocket before time runs out. Team work is essential as a successful launch will depend on how well teams have worked together on a variety of separate tasks, whilst staying focussed on the main task at hand – launching their own rocket. Once all parts have been collected, teams will have a limited amount of time to construct their rocket and launch it. If your rocket won’t launch, then it’s possible that you may just have to call Euston.

Apollo 14 is also used as an effective icebreaker, lasting approximately 20 minutes, or even as finale to another team building activity such as The Matrix or Block It.

What’s included?

Event Co-ordinator; Additional Staff; Equipment for Challenges; Rocket Materials and Launch Pad


We can host this activity on our grounds in the Midlands, or else find the perfect location for you. This activity is fully mobile.


Team Building: problem solving, decision making, communication exercise, Icebreaker

Mike Davis Events Extras

Enhance your event with a Professional Photographer or Videographer; Fancy Dress, Additional Soft Drink Liquid Refreshments and a BBQ