2 Cool 4 School

2 Cool 4 School

If you thought that your school sports day was a distant memory – think again! This day will entertain all guests with the more traditional races  from your youth, such as Egg & Spoon, Sacks and Space Hoppers, combined with giant inflatables such as Human Table football & Volleyball. Finish the day off with a team game of Rounders and that final strength & endurance test – the Tug of War.

How it works

2 Cool 4 School lasts for half a day and can be combined with additional inflatables from Ultimate Wipeout to really add that something special. The day begins with our officiating Headteacher who’ll ensure that all ‘students’ follow instructions, take part and are on their best behaviour.  At the end of the sports day, points are totalled and the winning team is awarded with medals and certificates of commendation.

If you wish to continue the competitive elements through to the evening, then a school themed quiz will separate the bog standard students from the prefects. And why not finish this incredible day with a school dinner and school disco.

What’s Included?

Teaching’ staff and Officiating Headteacher, all games and equipment, PA system; First Aider/Paramedic


This event is fully mobile. Allow us to find the perfect venue with our free Venue Finding Service, or else we’ll bring 2 Cool 4 School to your venue of choice.


Team Building, Corporate Entertainment

Mike Davis Events Extras

Theme your event: St Trinians, traditional public school, 1980s state School; 2 Cool 4 School traditional school dinner or school themed quiz for your evening. Or enhance your day event with our Professional Photography or Videography service, additional soft drink refreshment and a BBQ.