WII Challenge

WII Challenge

Proving hugely popular, our Wii Challenge is excellent if you are looking for something a little different and exciting. Take part in one of the world’s biggest crazes and let us host your very own Wii tournament at your next event, conference or office party.
The Wii challenge works because it is exciting, attractive, engaging and everybody can take part. Whether it’s a Wimbledon knockout tournament, or Wii Olympics, we will create an atmosphere of energy, fun, rivalry and competition.

How it works

We will create a Wii arena with up to 8, 40” plasma TVs, musical backdrop and PA to host the event. It can be used however you wish – as after dinner entertainment, indoor team building or as free play, our host will fully manage the event – all you’ll need to provide are participants and bags of energy. If booked as a team challenge, our host will divide participants into teams, establish sequential challenges and award prizes. X-Box Kinnects can be added if required.

What’s Included?

Musical Backdrop, PA, up to 8 40″plasma TVs, Wii Consoles, X-Box Consoles, Host


This event is fully mobile. Allow us to find the perfect venue with our free Venue Finding Service, or else we’ll bring The Wii Challenge to your venue of choice.


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