The Quiz

The Quiz

Everyone loves a quiz. Perfect for team building and motivating, this well-planned and intelligent event ensures your evening goes out with a bang. Giant projection screens, combined with show music and lighting stimulates all participants, for the good of the team, to pull together, dig deep and find that round winning answer.

How it works

Choose from a Traditional Pub Quiz with pens, paper and beer: a pub landlord style presenter will whizz through all the usual traditional pub quiz rounds. Or an Interactive Quiz: here each team will be assigned a wireless keypad which ensures accurate scoring; all answers are transmitted to the main scoreboard after each round. Genius! Rounds can include: General Knowledge, Current Affairs, Sport, Music, Around the World, Wii Challenge and Blockbuster Films.

Quizzes can be themed as a stand- alone or follow on event from your day’s activities, so for example, a 2 Cool 4 School quiz to follow your sports day.

What’s included?

Giant projection screens, Show music & Lighting; Pens, paper & beer (for pub style quiz) or Wireless keypads & scoreboard, Score Keeper & Quizmaster.


This event is fully mobile. Allow us to find the perfect venue with our free Venue Finding Service, or else we’ll bring The Quiz to your venue of choice.


Team Building, Entertainment

Mike Davis Events extras

A custom written quiz to include a personalised company round, where questions relate to your company, product or service; Fancy Dress to identify separate teams.