Rage Karts

Rage Kart

For all those self confessed adrenaline junkies (and for those who will be after this event), welcome to our Rage Karts – a speed fuelled, high energy, action packed and often muddy, outdoor activity.

How it works

Also known as Rage Buggies, these off road Karts will deliver the most perfect adrenaline rush – every time. And as there’s no roof, you’ll really feel that wind through your hair. These machines are real pocket rockets and you’ll find it difficult containing your smile as you try to steer your way around the track in a somewhat controlled fashion.

The event will begin with thorough instruction from an experienced driver. S/he will show you the controls and go through that all important safety briefing. After donning the correct safety wear, it’ll be time to speed your way around the track. Let loose on a mud or gravel surface track, pit your wits against your colleagues as your challenge each other to lap the best time.

Often chosen as part of a Multi-Active Day, Rage Karts are highly enjoyable and extremely competitive.

 What’s included?

Rage Buggies; All safety Equipment; Expert Instructor; Health & Safety Briefing.


We can host this event on our own, extensive grounds in the Midlands.


Corporate Entertainment, Icebreaker, Energiser.

Mike Davis Events Extras

Winning Medals; Additional motorised events to create a Multi-Active Day.