Longbow Archery

Longbow Archery

Traditional yet powerful longbows require a keen eye and a steady hand.  Specialist tuition ensures that you’ll be aiming for gold and, when you hit it, the feeling is great.  You may even discover a new skill.

How it works

Extend your reach with a medieval longbow. Once used for war, now used for sport, the longbow carries with it deep tradition. Today’s longbow is comparatively light and can shoot impressive distances. Longbow Archery allows you to step back in time with equipment that would easily be recognised by the medieval man of the bow.

After group instruction, guests are given one-to-one tuition to enable even the novice to pull a ‘Robin Hood’.

Longbow Archery is a great leveller requiring a steady hand, good co-ordination and excellent composure. Thoroughly enjoyable events, guests always want ‘one last try’ in an effort to perfect their shot.

What’s included?

Bows, Arrows, Targets, Safety netting, Arm guards, Instructor.


We can host this event on our grounds in the Midlands, or else find the perfect location for you with our Free Venue Finding Service. This event is fully mobile.


Corporate Entertainment; Team Building: Bonding.

Mike Davis Events Extras

Combine with shooting activities, outdoor pursuit activities or motorised events; Catering; Medals and Trophies.