Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting

Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting

A safe and enjoyable outdoor activity.  All the fun of clay pigeon shooting without the live ammunition or kick back.  Shoot at clay ‘pigeons’ using infra-red beams from modified shotguns.  Full tuition is included.

How it works

If you like the thought of Clay Pigeon Shooting, but want something ‘greener’, then laser clay hits the spot. Authentic, but de-activated, shotguns fire infra-red beams at reflective and reusable clays. The system is sound simulated, so you’ll hear realistic shotgun ‘bangs’ and hits are indicated by the sound of breaking clay.

Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting requires patience, focus, composure and quick thinking – many attributes necessary in day-to-day life, and after a short briefing by a qualified instructor, you’ll be ready to test that hand-eye co-ordination.

This is a very popular team building event as it is great fun but also lends itself well to a competitive format. Laser Clay can be run in a competitive format as a stand-alone competition or with scores added to those from other activities to find the outright winning individual or team on a Country Pursuits or Multi-Active Day.

What’s included?

Guns, Trap, Tallying Display Board, Instructor.


We can host this event on our grounds in the Midlands, or else find the perfect location for you with our free Venue Finding Service. This event is fully mobile.


Team Building: Group Bonding; Corporate Entertainment.

Mike Davis Events Extras

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